"I found the program changed my life through my way of thinking and feeling. My body finally feels healthy, my mind is clear, and I feel free. All the practitioners were kind and genuine and gave me the sense that they really cared and understood what I was going through. With everyone working together through their different approaches it ensured that my mind, body, and spirit became balanced and intact. I thank everyone for their kindness and support. I have finally found my direction and have a clear enough head to know where I am going."
-- D.L. (recovered cocaine addict)

"I, J.E., believe that the freedom health recovery program is one of the best recovery programs in the world. I have been to other programs, and the recovery rate is very low. This program starts with getting your energy up so you have a fighting chance at recovery, and eating the right foods and vitamins is a big part of the program. I have learned meditations, Qigong, and Tai Chi, which give you a lot of energy, and peace of mind. I would like to say thanks to Ricardo B. Serrano for his understanding ways, and teaching abilities. If it wasn't for Ricardo's method of recovery I might not have ever recovered. I also would like to say thanks to Ricardo's wife Neda for her wonderful cooking, and hospitality."
-- J.E. (recovered cocaine addict)

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As a Medical Cannabis Specialist, Ricardo B Serrano, R.Ac. is certified to prescribe medical cannabis in B.C., Canada, please download the Forms below:

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